Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yup, and I'll say it again!...

Give it some thought, the "zero" in zero tolerance sometimes informs you of the number of brain cells and/or compassion someone has.

Man my muscles are stiff. I could use a hot oil massage. NO not from YOU BP!!!

"Mother nature, why is no one paying attention to me!?! "
"Shut up Global Warming, we have to spend time with oil spill too!"
"Aw mom!"

Why do we get more angry at our family than our friends? Well, one is like a splash of water in the face. The other, Japanese water torture.

If Tipper Gore starts dating Rush Limbaugh...or Al Gore starts dating Michelle Malkin...*praying* Please Sun, don't wait 5 billion years...

Why laugh at people on Springer and have a similar relationship with our government and big business? They screw us, we take them back.

If you walk an old lady across the street, make sure she wants to go. Otherwise you'll have to walk her back across...and get arrested.

I'm thinking that my TV sometimes says "Weak Signal" because the shows suck. Wait, what's on? "Wipeout?" Nice work TV. Nice work.

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