Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Flashback...

At the store today, I had a flashback of an incident with my ex at a supermarket. We were in line and she noticed that I had purchased whipped cream. She asked "Why?". Noticing the cashier and everyone else standing within earshot I told her "For the sweet chocolate ice cream that we have at home." She says "We don't have any ice cream." I looked her up and down lasciviously and said "No, we don't....." A normal woman would take the hint and be complimented and turned on. Not this one.

Instead of picking up on what I said, she focused on proving me wrong about our lack of ice cream at home. She proceeds to screaming among several other things "You don't know what you're talking about! I know what I saw in the house, I'm not crazy! You're always doing shit like that!" I was so annoyed with her that later that night...I turned her down in bed. The moral of the story is... if you are a normal healthy young man, and your lady can make you so angry that YOU turn down sex with's time to leave.

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