Friday, May 31, 2013

Married people, do you wake up, get cups of coffee, then stare lovingly into your spouse's face as bad music plays in the background?

Or do those commercials....LIE?

My mechanic gave me a $100 break on my recent engine repair.
And people say having a gun on you is bad.

Social media isn't always social.

A pretty 6'2" woman said I was perfect, but she only dates guys that are taller than her. I'm cute, disease free and employed. I'll live.

Mother nature, we see you. Enough with the damned tornadoes.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm not bipolar, YOU just inspire explosive hatred.

Stars are getting deals to endorse headphones. When it's my turn, "Shutouts by S. Anthony, the only headphones that block out jackasses!"

"Women's butts are EXITS, not entrances."
- Things NEVER said by a guy who has a wife with a great ass

I don't know whether to get an iphone or an Android. It's not really up to me, it depends on which one of these guys goes to sleep on the train first.

I could never be the black guy on a reality show. I don't yell enough. Also, watch this...
*walks up to old white lady, she smiles and pinches my cheek*
...I don't scare white people.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Having to get up extra early in the morning was invented by the devil.

George Carlin had the right idea about being a detached observer of humanity...

Just did the Bing vs Google challenge...and I now know, I don't give a shit.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Plastic forks? No. What do I do when someone at the table needs to be taught not to interrupt me? Nope. Good old fashioned steel for me.

I wish I had a wife.
No, not yours....not going through that again.

I can't wait until a vegan wins the Indy 500 and refuses to drink the milk.

When a cashier I'm not attracted to flirts with me, I buy extra small condoms.

Did you know that for another $0.25, you can order your street hot dogs WITHOUT fecal matter and spit?
 It's worth it.

In pictures everyone says "Cheese!", but I say "I'm dating your mom!"
so when the photo is snapped, everyone is looking at ME!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Did a lady too busy talking on her cellphone accelerate through a red light and almost kill you today? No? Just me huh? Oh.

Dear god, please let there be a bisexual, Muslim, black, female President soon. If congress goes this nuts because of a black President....

Do you play basketball? (6'5" black guy)
Have you played Superman yet? (6'5" white guy)

When I make love to a lady for the first time, I have a big ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor and a band and...Uh, I really like sex.

I don't know how many of you watch "The Big Bang Theory"...but I'm starting to have lustful thoughts about "Amy Farrah Fowler".

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear inventor of the grilled cheese sandwich, there is no greater person than you.

Dear TV networks, just admit that you don't even try on Fridays. It'll make you feel better to come clean

Why would you want someone to pinch you to see if you're dreaming? Doesn't the bilingual unicorn slow dancing with the Mona Lisa tell you?

Coming this fall, a new show, "Fu*king with poor people for the amusement of strangers"
Fridays at 9!

I don't have guns in my house, they're dangerous.
*to nephews*
Hey! It's your brother's turn to play with the grenade launcher....selfish.

Dear drug dealers doing perp walks after getting caught with MILLIONS of dollars of's okay to make just 100 thousand a year.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moonlit strolls are romantic because nothing turns a woman on more that watching you fight off a mugger.

Louis Farrakhan, Fran Drescher, a wedding... now THAT'S a reality show!

People were suspicious about my wardrobe malfunction when they saw "Look at me!" and plugs for my website written on my buttocks.

Hackers broke into my bank account and left money. I would normally be insulted, but I love my new TV.

Don't ask a woman if she's pregnant unless you're sure that she is. Also, don't do it on your cell phone from the bus station.

Please, someone, find a way to make reality shows illegal.

Tablet computer companies are having more vicious battles than 90's rappers.
Can we all just get along?
...and be more realistically priced?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 people that care is better than 5 thousand that don't give a shit. Better than that? ONE that sleeps with you five days per week...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running people off the road because you're on a cellphone should be an Olympic sport. If it ever happens, I just met a gold metalist.

No, of course you don't need to stop at the STOP SIGN. I've lived long enough. I didn't have any plans for the last 50 years of my life.


Had green tea & decaf coffee as I listened to teens brag about being pregnant and fighting other pregnant teens.

I’m leaving the planet…

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yay! A person holding up the line at the market with idiotic requests and rudeness! Dear god, four words, Give her FOOD POISONING.

It's weird when the people who used to get their diapers changed by you ask you to babysit their babies. It's weirder when you say FUCK NO!

Talking like the adults on the Peanuts cartoons in real life will make people punch you in the face.

From the makers of "Scandal" comes "Aw Shit!" starring S. Anthony Thomas as the lover of the first White Female President. Huh? Cancelled? Already? Wow...

People that are faint of heart really don't have any cool stuff made for them do they?

Dear super attractive people that try too hard, fuck you.
- Guys/Ladies that top out at "Cute"

Baby's first word "Mama".
Second word "Dada".
Third word (after parents leave the room) "Suckers"

Obama comes out against Congress acting sensibly. Congress quickly begins working for the American people to spite him. Film at 11!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

People that put too much cream in their are RACISTS!!!!!
(Let's see how many dumbasses can't figure out that I'm joking...)

Wow, look at that ass! I would absolutely eat THAT!
- Lions watching the Kentucky Derby

Dear kid me watching Sally Field's Norma Rae, I know what seeing her in that tight shirt is gonna make you do. GO FOR IT! It'll be worth it!

I would watch the Kentucky Derby but only after I finish watching this wet spot on the carpet dry up.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thanks for telling me what God said. How did you hear him from that far away? I mean I just said get away from me and you didn't hear THAT.

I want to take the word "Swag" and ANY reference to that word, cover it with gas, light it on fire and shoot it as I throw it from a plane.

MultiTASK? I'm multiAPATHETIC, there's a ton of things I don't give a shit about...

Why do guys try NOT to get bitten by hot lady vampires?

The "N" word just called me the "N" word. Yes... words CAN hurt...

I'd rather cut you out of my life than leave more than two voice mail messages.

I don't know who came up with the term "Sausage Fest"...but you are not allowed to come up with any more terms.

I hate electronic cigarettes. Why? Because we have to come up with ANOTHER excuse to make you go outside...I'm too nice to say we hate you.