Sunday, June 27, 2010


I just looked up "toxic people"....and there was a live feed of the people around me right now.

"You call the heat oppressive? Did it start screwing some married guy behind your back!?!" (Look up digression and you'll see this quote)

It's NOT a realistic video game, it's a real baseball game, that controller is attached to NOTHING. You've got to stop drinking nail polish.

Friends with benefits means something different NOW doesn't it? Now, it means she gives access to the third input, right?

Do YOU think the first dominatrix was just a bitch and a thief who was lucky enough to pick a victim with lots of money and low self esteem?

I never kick a man when he's down. Mainly because he's down because of all of the bullets in him. Kicks would be moot then.

A show's desperation love triangle is just like a bad girlfriend's emotional affair. It's the kick in the ass you need to get out of there.

It doesn't matter if your comment is under your breath if your breath is near an open microphone. Oh, and you'd better duck....NOW!!

A couple of atheist went to my mom's church. It was going well until one of them came out in a sandman sims outfit and removed the preacher.

I have a super soaker full of hand sanitizer. Be dirty and approach me at your own risk...

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