Tuesday, June 22, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Just to be clear...earphones mean DON'T talk to me right now. They DO NOT mean ramble on about nothing in a lower than normal voice.

Why is it that auditions go much better when I don't give a damn, but relationships don't? Also...there's more sex at the auditions....

Oh...my! I've figured it all out! I know what it all means and how it all works! *knock on the door...men in black appear* I know nothing...

I wish humidity was a guy... so I could punch him in the face.

I am in a secret lab constructing a noise maker more obnoxious than the vuvuzela...it will sound like my ex when she was PMSing. Scared!?!

I'm wearing a tee-shirt and basketball shorts. Can I at least have the lady security guard frisk me?Also, I don't live here.

Porcelain throne? Throne?...Oh...that's why the Queen always looks like that. GIVE HER SOME PRIVACY PEOPLE!!!

Even if I had a box with a hole in it...I still won't look at Twilight Eclipse...

Stepped on a glue trap in a friends house....I just know that there is a mouse in the wall laughing at me. But the cat WON'T eat me...ha!

What is it about the two drops of sweat on my bald head that makes these two flies want to bring back slam dancing?

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