Wednesday, June 16, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Well, President Obama spoke last night and the oil didn't jump out of the ocean by itself so....have at him!!!!


Coffee is on me *Barry white song plays* yeah...all over me... Ladies? Hey...dude, I said ladies.

Someone...please invent non stick public toilets. Some things...should NOT be seen. I will not elaborate.....

I'm sorry that I wasn't driving fast enough (guy behind me). I just thought that the 5 year old DIDN'T want to be run over. Enjoy your day!

Female cops eat doughbolts. #cornyonpurpose

My doubters look so good in my rear view mirror.

Don't go on & on about how you love the world cup in Arizona OR to a BP station with goldfish in the car...they will give you an evil look.

Other than for the political & environmental idiocy, the homophobia, racism & religious zealotry, future generations can't tease us at all.

I have 3 friendships that are about to go into the recycle bin.

Thanks evening news. Why do extra research, when you can act like a 13yr old trying to instigate a fight between two other 13yr olds?

BP, if you were actually helping people it would be ALL OVER THE NEWS!! You wouldn't need this lame PR! See, you're wasting money like oil!

Smart, compassionate people are quiet and complacent... morons, xenophobes, gluttons and bigots are loud and active...thus the current mess.

Why be a critical thinker, when you can blindly follow someone else's ideology?

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