Sunday, June 20, 2010


Anyone that chooses to text, socially network or make calls during your conversation with them is an ass and should be dumped asap!

People are so oblivious, it would be safer to call someone an ass at conversation level than whispering...which everyone pays attention to.

A ref in a sport we don't watch makes a bad call & people go nuts, a politician holds unemployment or 15 million hostage and...nothing. WTF!

I love having my time wasted...don't you?

Is it just me or is the term "brown nose" even more of an insult than "kiss ass" even though they basically mean the same thing?

I wish people would stop wishing ME "Happy Fathers Day" I have no children. Am I being mocked or cursed?

My new reality show pitch..."Be a douche for cash!" Huh? That's all of them? Oh...well then...I've got nothing....bye...

My family tries to devour my time, like time is a woman's erogenous zones covered in whipped cream and chocolate pudding and they're me.

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