Friday, June 4, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

I support gay marriage, not just because it's right, it's that I've got a basement full of wedding cake grooms. None of your business why!

Message to the loser in the Walmart parking lot. If a guy says "my daughter turns 18 tomorrow"...don't be SO happy to hear it. It's creepy.

Lets make it illegal to NOT smoke weed and go to hookers. Just think, just like that...YOU'RE all law abiding citizens. WIN!!!

You leave a cemetery at 3am, covered in dirt, with a shovel and a bag of jewelry and the cops are all "We need to talk to you sir." Racists!

Have YOU ever seen Victoria Jackson and Liz Cheney at the same time? Just a question.

Forget the 4 periods per year pill. Create one that makes them want more sex! I mean, one that they know that they're taking.

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