Friday, June 11, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

Message to the next network that passes on one of my TV series ideas....YOUR SHOWS SUCK! What do you have to lose!?!

Have you ever been so embarrassed by your fetish that you tried to convince your lover that the idea just occurred to you?

Geeks are awesome lovers...keep ignoring them! More for me!!

Apparently I get cuter after a performance...however your dismissive attitude from earlier made you ugly...

Here's an experiment...say "trust" QUICKLY say "BP"....does YOUR mouth burn? isn't just me.

Serial killers, there are many people that need killing. Just so you know, hot young women ARE NOT on the list. (Neither are comedians)

Cable news being a veiled racist harder than being an overt one? You look like you're dying to use the "n" word on the President.

I find it troublesome that the qualifier "Happily" must be added to "married". No one says "Happily" having sex, it's just assumed...hmmm

"What's football?" "No, I'll do the dishes" These are quotes from my new book "S. Anthony gets laid a lot when he's in a relationship"

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