Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear life, don't think that I'm not eventually going to get that carrot you're hanging in front of me!


When did you get that stick!?!

It's National Orgasm Day or as women I sleep with call it, "The first day of Orgasm Year!"

*High five to the throat*

Note to self, don't light the grill INDOORS and try to CARRY it outside. Get younger relatives to do it.

Posts joke on Facebook.
Everybody likes it and adds "rotflmao" etc.
Two dopes start fight about politics

WHY!?! The joke was about CARS!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An identity thief accidentally took my morality. Don't worry, my new morality is in the mail...but right now I'm in your sister.

Don't talk to me when I'm at the ATM. I don't care about that gun you're holding, rude is rude. Just for that, I'm not letting you rob me!

If a person was sexually attracted to cat photos, Facebook would be awesome for them!

Butter has the word "Butt" in it. Has anyone thought about making jokes about that?

Dear voters, when people in power take away a group's right to vote, it shows who they are. Don't ignore the canary in the coal mine...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Facebook, create a "Friends with benefits" request. Also, an "I was just kidding don't mace me" request.

EVERYONE has a price....I mean VALUE! VALUE! 


"You can be ANYTHING you want to be, if you believe!"
*seconds later*
"Let's keep it real, that guy is NEVER going to make it."

I try to be fair and nice to everyone, even the dweebs, losers, suckers, chumps and dumb ass people.

Keyser Söze was framed.

Dear "The sexes", less "Battling" and more "Boning".

Problem solved.

You're welcome.

Anthony Weiner used a stunt penis.

People on the stock trading floor that shower and hold in their farts...don't really want to win!

I'd NEVER pay for a hooker. I mean, by the time they get dressed, I'm the hell outta there. C'mon, as tough as pimps are, they cannot run!

What's wrong with me? Somehow, I don't seem to be able to be scared by cable news shows. Oh, I fact check...

Apparently, people with different political beliefs need to call each other names and not listen to valid points from the other side. YAY internet!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's WITHOUT football should be left in the attic with Christmas gifts from relatives you don't like and see rarely.

"Hey girl, I want to slide something big & brown, up in where you sit down!" sounds cool in your head, but will get you punched in the face.

ASSets. Tee hee. ASS...ets. ASS.

Grandma's friend was been better at riding grandpa's knee than us, she'd ride 20 minutes and his pants would come off trying to buck her...

It's all fun and games until you get caught getting it on in the backseat of your car by a church group. They paid well for the show though.

Ladies first... if men last.

I don't appreciate you NSA guys writing "BORING" all over my email and text screens!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen on most dating sites, there's a "Bang immediately" check box. You didn't know that did you?

I'm all for personal responsibility. And personally I blame that bastard over there for all of my problems.

No Kim K sextape? Screw you Netflix!

In my sales training, we were supposed to overcome 5 objections from a potential customer. In the dating world the 5th objection is a gun.

Women love me. No, that's not a's a request!

WOMEN....LOVE ME!!!!!!

I'm going to do controversial topics on YouTube for views:
"Baby seals, club them it's good for their health!"
"Kids, why feed them DAILY?"

I have to admit, Anthony Weiner has the balls of a younger man judging by these photos he's handing out at the corner.

When you see your teen relatives having relationship problems over stupid crap, should you leave the room BEFORE you point and laugh? Well?

Keep your friends close, and if they let you bang them, become friends with benefits. Don't worry about enemies, you can bang them later.

Okay, what's going on? I walked by a TV with Fox News on it and the anchor said "Shhh, one just walked into the room!" 

I heard that FOX!

Twerking is sexy because It's how a woman's ass moves when she's on top and we're up in them. (Doesn't mean everyone should see it though)

I can't seem to convince women that I'm Hugh Jackman. Lying just isn't for me I guess...

The cats fighting in my yard don't know it's a fake bird they're fighting for, they also don't know I got a new hose today.

Do you think those guys yelling at people about the end of the world on the bullhorn in the subway know about podcasting?

Skype sex isn't as good as phone sex because I can see you. I might as well just watch porno then because with THAT it ends when I do.

I try to pick up women in a Harry Potter costume because pity sex RULES!!!!!

Men. Women. We don't HAVE TO get mad at and fight with each other. There is ANOTHER choice. It's called....SCREWING! Yup. It's more fun.

Can't we just make it illegal for news people to lie and just clean out all of the garbage at once?

Guys, wouldn't you like your lady to pull YOU to HER by the ass, pick YOU up, carry YOU upstairs and give YOU a pounding? Uh...

Me neither.

I cared what people thought of me once...on Thursday...5 years ago. Didn't like it. Stopped. Why? Because kiss my butt that's why.

I'm not saying I'm a tough guy, but if I was in prison with Wolverine, he'd be my personal back scratcher and Shish-Kabob holder.

Whoa! Congress DOESN'T care about black people?

*writes that down*

...I've got some phone calls to make...

Only try to sneak a sniff of a woman's perfume on an elevator if you have a maced, kicked in the balls and being violently arrested fetish.

"Yo! I don't just "Spit", I "Vomit" son!"

- Dude trying to sound like he knows something about hip-hop

"I don't mind getting stuck in traffic."

- Guy who knows that his wife found out what he did last weekend

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Calm down boy, if it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t exist. Well not THAT, we just start with THAT, what comes next is what I mean"

- Kid catching parents in bed

Friday, July 26, 2013

Every time I do something nice and a hot woman sees, I say "Yeah, I do this for the kids". It has gotten me laid 0 times, but I can't stop.

Listen out for the door? No. If I wanted to talk to you, I'd call you. If I wanted you in my house you'd be in

I'm not going to spend money on a tattoo. I'm just going to drink this glass of hepatitis. It's cheaper.

"Joke's on YOU Singapore, I'm into caning!"

- Nobody

On a DAILY basis, I do things that would ruin my political career...Bwahahaha!

I'm just kidding. I mean HOURLY.

If you're the next guy that dates Weiner's hot wife, all you have to do is NOT send pics of your penis to 20yr olds and you're an upgrade.

If someone told me that Nicki Minaj's butt cheeks tasted like milk chocolate, I'd believe them.

If you lick your lips when looking at a lady's butt, it's only a compliment:

- If she doesn't see you
- In your mind
- If you're me


Dear women who ALWAYS keep their armpits smooth...thanks.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Quittin’ on yourself is worse than shittin’ on yourself!"

 - S. Anthony Thomas

(That IS motivational! You just don’t know good stuff!)

Molotov cocktails are actually quite tasty. Why do people throw them? Seems like a big waste to me...

No pictures are "Safe for work"...

Passive aggressive people, the "sound disappointed and try to manipulate people" thing doesn't work on me. I've mastered not giving a shit.

Dear criminals, forget banks and start robbing those payday loan places. What jury would convict you?

Ladies, those deodorant chips that you have in your armpits sometimes...stop that please. That stuff tastes funny.

Cats can chill anywhere. Maybe women should start calling dudes "cats".

Women, there is no "inappropriate time" to lick you. Your mom is just jealous.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

You don't have to put up with an idiot just because they are related to you.

Anyone calling your home more than 3 times for stupid crap should be taken to Singapore and made to spit on the ground in front of a cop.

*lady gives dog chocolate*
"Whoa, THAT'S BAD for them"
"It's ok, I give him some all the time"
(the next week)
"Where's the dog?"
"Shut up"

Gay people aren't scary. Feel better now dumbasses?

I'm putting "Let him do butt stuff" in my prenup. Yup. "Butt stuff".

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"I think the boy is still alive. It's a false flag by the Obama administration!"
- Alex Jones watches the Zimmerman trial

"Why in a bucket? Was a teenage girl in there?"
- R. Kelly hears about Bieber peeing into a bucket

I am now announcing my candidacy for President of coolsville.
Feel free to congratulate me AND leave promises that you'll vote for me.

Spankings as a kid: 0
Spankings as an adult: 500
Yup, adulthood is better.

I must admit...that four hour special on Fox News about Trayvon Martin's "eerily sharp" hangnail was riveting.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Stuffed with socks? Nope, ALL ME!"

- Dude proud of his man boobs

I start working out again, and now the USA is no longer the fattest country.

You're welcome America!

I'm a lover, not a fighter...until I FINISH LOVING, then I'll climb off of her, get dressed, come to your house and whip your ass.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm a treat-everyone-with-love-and-respect-ist. You can keep all the other stuff.

Imagine if the "Big Brother" cameras were on 24/7 over at Fox News. Now THAT would be a show! Not a surprising one, but a show!

I'm not a carpet muncher, but I munch the hell out of a waxed floor. The back porch isn't safe either...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just saying...

Lower ab crunches were invented by Satan.

Just saw a teen light a fart in the parking lot of the supermarket. Never saw that in person before. Something tells me this kid is involved in alcohol smoking too.

Just a hunch.

Can we all agree that everyone should pull over so I'm not inconvenienced on the road?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

S. Anthony says...

Hey honey, if you didn't want your armpits licked, why did you fall asleep with your hands over your head....knowing that I own handcuffs?

"Why are you all laughing!?!"
- The nutritionist 3 seconds after saying "I'm going to now show you how delicious nuts can be"

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mr. Thomas speaks

When you lose a friend on Facebook...

uh, I've got nothing. I really don't give a shit when that happens to be honest.

I'm self employed. I do think that I unintentionally sexually harassed myself when I tried to pull out my wallet at the drive thru...

To hell with bathing the sponge, bathe ME!!!!

Oh, I see that by misinterpreting your offer I've spoiled the mood....

I'm starting to think that I'll never get married. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for actually having regular sex.

You know that moment after lovemaking when you're holding each other nude? Beautiful. Trust me. I filmed you two. Nice. HD does you justice.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


"Stop putting coconut shavings and peanuts on everything without asking first!"

- Me in my mind at a desert stand and also at a whorehouse

I hate when a hot woman accidentally touches your balls and says "No hetero."


"Stop putting coconut shavings and peanuts on everything without asking first!"

- Me in my mind at a dessert stand and also at a whorehouse

Just because these evil political freaks agree with you now doesn't mean they always will. Soon, YOU'LL be the victim of these power plays.

People who get pissed when a player leaves your do realize that they don't know or owe YOU anything, right? It's a job to them.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ya dig?

Imagine the problems that wouldn't exist if we'd stop fighting over stupid crap and vote in politicians that aren't pieces of shit.

If you block a person's driveway to talk to someone and won't move, you should be caned in singapore, then thrown from a moving car, right?

Make weed legal NOW!

I don't smoke it, but I do want my friends to have to attempt to converse on another topic for a change.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm just saying...

"Bwahahahahahahahahaha! So?"
- My recommendation for a response to someone saying they don't approve of you being yourself

I just got thrown off a plane for being "Too sexy"

*reads paper again*

Oh, it doesn't say "Too sexy" it says "Disgusting pervert" Sorry.

The local angry, scary, always escaping, neighborhood pit bull LOVES, I'm good. Also, there are several vacancies here...

Banging is as addictive as drugs. Whoops, correction, banging ME is as addictive as drugs. Ladies?

So, mice can get out of a maze, but still haven't mastered the whole "Don't run in front of cats" thing?  Okay...

THAT WAS A DUDE IN THE CRYING GAME!?! Now the movie makes sense....

My dream?

To be the super pissed off black person on a reality show.

I'm tired...OF DOING IT FOR FREE!!!

You got a problem with that!?!