Monday, May 31, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

My entire family is coming over today for a cookout. Let the "accidental" immolations begin!!!

Thanks for flying S. Anthony Airlines. For all negative, nasty and annoying people...the EXITS are here and here...

Every city block here is roped off for the holiday. It's like a maze. I should get a piece of cheese for making it to my sisters house.

Embarrassing. I walked into the other room to ask them to turn down the TV because the Springer show was too loud. The television wasn't on.

From now on I will NOT post certain jokes on Facebook. The main reason? I would then have to go to Facebook.

This BBQ is getting weird. We would have started cooking already but Tony Robbins keeps walking people across the grill.

I'm going to stand by the freeway near my home and sell defense mechanisms. "They're all against me on sale for $5!"

I am so glad that my
synapses don't have a GPS attached to them. If so...I'd be *Shivers* normal. *Vomits*

The better you are in bed, the less you talk.

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