Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today S. Anthony said...

There is a tantric sex technique that allows you to have a full orgasm with just the power of your mind (True) TAKE THAT VIBRATORS!!!

Make up sex? I'd rather have sex with your makeup!

Join our beautiful baby contest. Begin training your child now, that they aren't valid unless other people approve of their looks...

Dollar store...I love you.

Aww, is the sound of the vuvuzela bothering the players at the world cup? Aww, in Philly people used to get hit with snowballs you pussies!!

Can we put the van der sloot kid in a Snuggie and drag his murdering ass in the ocean to help clean up the oil spill?

If you obnoxiously follow a sports team just because they're successful at the moment, you are a dick. That is all.

Don't refer to your woman's breasts as "The A-team"...there are so many ways for it to go wrong before she realizes that it's a compliment.

Breaking Cable news!! President Obama to clog oil leak with thousands of unsuspecting grandparents. The death panels are back! Film @ 6 & 11

Why do we let oil and wall street executives even open their mouths? It's like expecting the truth from a 5yr old with crumbs on her face.

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