Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The S. Man Speaks!...

I'd better get married and make some babies soon, otherwise "Age appropriate" for me will also be "Too old to have kids"....

The term "Lame stream media" jumped the shark, missed and landed in it's mouth. Please...enough.

Black man does positive things that the media notices, film at elev....huh? The story has been cut? Speidi broke up?...stop the press!!!!!

I wonder if Elisabeth Hasselbeck's husband holds up flash cards of innocuous comments so she can practice turning them into Obama slams.

I had a pleasant experience at the DMV & a parking place right in front of the coffee shop...I am buying powerball tickets NOW!!!

I was eating chicken and the cop next to me was eating a doughnut...we looked at each other and just knew that everybody was laughing at us.

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