Thursday, June 10, 2010

S. Anthony Says...

BP, putting rubber tubes between boats to move oil isn't much better technology than a 4yr old in a tub moving bubbles with her arm for fun.

My uncle is taking steroids to fight lupus. That's CHEATING! (Screw you if you don't laugh, he laughed his ass off when I said it to him!!)

Telemarketers, if I tell you that I have the service that you offer and you keep talking, you're not listening. So neither am I *CLICK*

If someone fails at shutting the elevator on you, follow them to their office door, smile as you write the address and leave slowly. Fun!

If you want to keep the prison population down you need much better marketing for the unwanted anal violations. That would keep me out.

I wish these people that watch me audition didn't have so much respect for me as an artist...bring on the damned casting couch! I'm easy!!!
Who's more powerful, a gorgeous sexy woman...or a rich guy? Trick question.

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