Saturday, June 12, 2010

Human Nature...

I think many people have no real concept of what "Human Nature" is. Whenever someone does something stupid, evil or immoral they say "Hey, it's human nature!" Wrong! Today at an ATM I noticed and the man next to me noticed, that some person left his or her card in the machine. Any one of us could have cleaned that person out. But, it never occurred to us to do so. We put the card in an envelope and pushed it under the bank door so no one could get it.

That's human nature. I spent all night last night in an emergency room with a relative and everyone was kind to him and helpful...when they didn't have to be. That's human nature. I think people that say evil things are human nature are selling themselves and humanity short. Are there asshole out there? Of course. You can turn on the news to see them, sometimes in the stories and sometimes behind the anchor desk. But that is NOT human nature. Kindness is. Love is. Compassion is. Remember that the next time someone mistakenly attributes a persons unkind action to human nature. You and I know better.

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