Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inside My Head...

Insurance companies denying coverage, Tobacco companies adding carcinogens, BP...(nuff said) isn't the idea to keep your customers alive?

My hot neighbor is now dating a dirty addict. Part of me thought "Hey, you could have had her!" I consider her non-interest a compliment now.

I wonder if Lady Gaga has seen any Madonna videos? (A teen relative made me watch her new video...what a body on Gaga!! I'm a pig, I know.)

I'm not going to say what my cousin just named her new baby boy....but I will say that the name should come with Karate lessons.

I guess the suggestion box being set on fire kinda makes the suggestions inside moot huh?

Kevlar is not effective in protecting you from being shot dirty looks. They're still working on that. (Still good against bullets though.)

Do you know what HATE looks like? Check the expression of the cute lady in the office when a "HOT" woman gets hired. Take pictures.

"What's the difference between roadkill and your cheeseburger?" - the last words my vegetarian friend remembers saying before the choke out.

Because of an injury I haven't worked out in a month, so temporarily there's more of me to love...ladies, get it now, I hit the gym 2morrow!

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