Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yup, I said that....

Some women are so delicious and sexy that MILF isn't a good enough description...for them I use MILF"AN" (All night) & MILF"E" (everyday)

"Hey! Stop licking me there!" - a quote from my new book "Words that will NEVER come out of your woman's mouth"

Female volleyball players....I WANT YOU BADLY!!! HAVE BABIES WITH ME PLEASE!!!! That is all.

Headphones...good for hearing music, avoiding requests for money in the street and overhearing what people really think of you since 1937...

Facebook....ignoring good writing and privacy since 2006....

You know that KY jelly that's supposed to exponentially increase her sensation? DO NOT let her rub it on her vibrator or YOU'LL BE HOMELESS.

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