Friday, October 22, 2010

My quick political commercial...

Hi, My name is S. Anthony Thomas. My friends call me S. Anthony. I am an American citizen and I happen to be very intelligent. Many of us are. I listen to your ads and the lies are so thick that I can debunk them instantly. Google isn't needed. You of course know that many people are too busy trying to keep their heads above water after the crisis your greed created, to bother fact checking anything that opposes their personal ideology. (Or more likely, they just need an excuse to hate people different than them.)

An open mind requires work. Many won't do the work, they allow you to divide people with your lies and shaded truths. You have no shame. Unfortunately, racism, sexism & homophobia seem to be your weapon of choice. Do you not realize that a weapon is used against an enemy? The American people are not your enemy...but you act like it.

I'm S. Anthony Thomas and I approve this message...but not your actions.

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