Monday, October 4, 2010

My contention...

Why is it that America only shows what it COULD be occasionally? My contention is...America is not this land mass. It's the people ON this land mass. ALL OF THEM. That INCLUDES people of color, homosexuals, trans-gender, people of different religions, people of NO religion, women and men etc.

Do you see how people treat each other at Christmas time and New Years? You get more smiles. Strangers talk to each other with respect and positive expectancy. It could always be like that. It's our collective choice.

Collective choice also comes into play in our politics. Are we really as a nation, going to put into power, people that are openly racist, homophobic & misogynistic? Are we really going to put into power people who take pride in openly kicking people when they're down? What does it take to make people stop and think? Just because a party in power USUALLY loses seats, doesn't mean that they HAVE TO. Especially not now.

We are better than this. I hope.

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