Monday, October 18, 2010

"I'm thinking of quiting sugar cold turkey"
"You mean COLD TOFU..."
"Uh, it's ok for you to speak of meat dude."

The fact that the candidate with the most money wins speaks more to voters laziness than to money's power. It's just paper, it's powerless.

The kitchen sink<- Is this the last part of a colloquial phrase or a stereotypical 40's era Native American describing a foundation problem?

Just helped my 6 YEAR OLD cousin with her homework, so I AM smarter than a, huh?...smarter than a 5th GRADER? Whoa, I know my limits!

Tabloid reporters are a little too gleeful and giggly when they spread news about a person's personal tragedies. You can almost see them smile when they say Cancer, Divorce etc. Well, I think that style of journalism is a Cancer on society...and I've divorced myself from their product.

"I will lie to you, steal your money, bang your sister and feel nothing...yes I'm a politician." #notarealquoteputtootrueanyway

Incompetence is a virtue? Thanks Washington DC! Is that bizzarro superman over there?

You can tell what type of neighborhood a person grew up in by their reaction to a car back firing. Bring that guy a mop please.

Can we change the phrase from "Planting his seed" to "Watering her lawn" or "Filling her pool?" Those sound more manly damn it!

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