Monday, October 11, 2010

Hi actors, you went on a ride along. YOU ARE NOT A REAL SPY! Stop taking yourself so seriously...oh and STFU!

"Being a Carl Paladino is a life choice, I think that young people should not necessarily exposed to it..." - Normal Adults

Diseases, broken hearts, emotional scars. Those are the side effects of infidelity. Worth it? No. Stop being pieces of shit. Thanks.

You can't celebrate in the end zone...and you can't text pictures of your genitals to sideline reporters. Finally, my NFL fantasy is dead.

I'm in the mood to do something to this guy annoying me that will land me my own reality show.

I want to have a daughter someday...that way I can do the "Steve Wilkos chair throw" to intimidate her date. "YOU don't get to sit down!"

See this "Damn", huh?....sorry, can't give it to ya!

I don't like politics. None of them think about or care about us. At some point we must elect MEN and WOMEN and NOT these CHILDREN.

Racists, misogynists, homophobes, you're the mugger on the subway car, we will cower no more. This is YOUR stop motherf*cker! Get off!

Please, someone tell me that it was Carl Paladino holding Brett Favre's d*ck in that sexting picture. That would be cool.

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