Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Better Country...

I find the level of anger that people express toward each other when the subjects of politics and or religion come up shameful. Think about this, it is virtually impossible in my opinion to speak to or about people with such massive amounts of hatred and viciousness unless in your mind...you've ALREADY dehumanized them.

Conservative. Liberal. Those are just words. There are NO positive or negative associations with either...except the ones that we place on them. The question is, why the labels? Because it's easier to step on a "liberals head" than to step on "Nancy's head". It's easier to call that guy a "Nigger" than to call "Jeff" that. That's what the labels are...excuses. Excuses to mistreat, to hurt, to kill. We should be and are much better than that.

Unfortunately being a good human being doesn't bring in good ratings, but who's fault is that? Ours. We reward assholes, we elect liars, we make racists multimillionaires, why? Because doing the right thing seems harder to do. In many ways, in the short run it probably is. But we must think long term. The people who fought for civil rights had NO idea that in their lifetime that they'd be able to right in the front of the bus or drink from any fountain or go to any school that they could afford. They didn't know, but they fought ANYWAY. How many of them do you think would believe you if you said "By the time you retire...there will be a Black President of The United States named Barack Hussein Obama?" None. But they fought anyway. So should we, if a better country is what we really want.

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