Monday, October 25, 2010

If YOU are embarrassed to ask a question, don't try to get me to ask it. If anyone is going to look like a's gonna be YOU!

Why were those people so polite and professional at that McDonalds?...i'm suspicious now...

The bird that crapped on my car flew into my neighbors sliding glass window. It wasn't injured, unless I hurt it's feelings by laughing. Ha!

It's better to be "Cute" than "Almost good looking" Don't believe me? Look at celebrity siblings....*waits*....exactly. Enough said.

DON'T give relationship advice to 20ish relatives, if it's accurate, you'll never get rid of them...unless you purposely give bad advice...

So...this isn't the flash mob? Is there any way to get you to consider looking the other way officer?

Why do these political ads have so many cartoons in them? Kids can't vote!

A buddy asked if the new Eric Benet song describes my feelings about my ex. Apparently it's called "No I don't want you back you lying cow!"

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