Friday, October 29, 2010

As someone who is far from a wonk, but IS informed enough to easily debunk 98% of TV ads, WITHOUT Google, I want to opt out of seeing them.

Special message to political candidates that email me and call me daily...I ALWAYS VOTE! Shut up!

(Insert slickly veiled reference to genitals, wealth and or incredible sexual prowess) Ladies?

Hold it...they STILL make SPAM?

Hey terrorists, since killing people hasn't worked out for about NOT doing that? Just a thought. Assholes.

The person that creates carbonated soda that DOESN'T explode...will have taken away a classic practical joke from generations of dopey kids.

I love my niece, my little cousins and my nephews...but this is definitely a screaming "STFU kids!" in my head type of evening.

BOOM! YEAH! HAHA! THAT'S RIGHT! (I'm just practicing being an obnoxious d-bag so I'll be ready when I do something impressive athletically)

Skating with the stars + Jersey Shore + political ads = (S. Anthony's Expatriation)

I know that the voting booth looks like a urinal, but don't do anything in there that pisses on the country...ya dig?

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