Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm starting to see "toppings" on women's bottoms as they walk past me.

An awakened man, when noticing the sleeping humanity surrounding him shows his true character by the number of boobs he doesn't slurp on.

Enough with the damned cellphone commercials! At this point there should be NO PLACE without coverage. Perfect THAT, then advertise.

Why stop at 18 games? Let's just make it a 100 game season....because the NFL takes such good care of retired players.

Why do we let politicians lie their asses off in commercials? Can't we at least hold them to the same standards that we have for vegetables?

I'm a critical you hear that? It's the sound of me being dis-invited from several groups that require mindless group thinking.

Special message to assholes. Conflict isn't ALWAYS necessary, it is however SOMETIMES a necessary evil. Understand?

Playstation should change the name of it's new game from "Playstation Move" to "Suck it Wii."

Americans were given a travel warning about trips to Europe. Americans responded by asking “Who the fuck can afford to go to Europe? I’ve been jobless for 6 months!"

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