Sunday, October 17, 2010

A message for people who spew racism, sexism, any negative "ism". What good do you think will come of it? Is being an asshole that much fun?

When you're standing among your friends and family...if you see nothing but assholes...wait...this post is going all wrong...

Cellphone cameras have moved people past the Mendoza Line of jerkdom into the All-star league of assholishness.

"Hey girl, It's time for your uterus to do some window shopping!" #badeuphemismforsexwithacondomon

Why aren't people suspicious as to why secret billionaires spend millions to get a stranger a $100,000 per year job? Nothing shady there...

Validation is like a drug, small amounts are healthy, too much can kill you and if you get it from a hooker your balls burn. Wait, what?...

These young, cool celebrities are missing out on a lucrative endorsement. If they started wearing Depends, and made them hip...$$$$

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