Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wonder if friends of the guy that does the narration on the PBS Frontline series get creeped out when they talk to him on the phone.

Extremism is a self perpetuating societal disease. Thanks for sharing/infecting everyone else with it assholes.

Imagine Sherri Shepherd with Rachel Ray's butt or Rachel with Sherri's boobs. Sweet...sweet lord.

I have long time friends that are conservative, and we're still friends. It doesn't matter to me that they're always wrong politically.

I can't believe that Elisabeth Hasselbeck attacked Bill O'Reilly like that. Haahahahahahaha. Yeah right.

Are you wearing a thong so it'll be easier to talk out of your ass?

Politics and Sports: Making people irrationally and viciously attack strangers since....unfortunately the beginning.

Some have a problem with READING comprehension, and others with COMPREHENSION itself. I've been running into the latter today.

Let me tell you something funny about Brett Favre and the Segway guy...huh? Over already? Damn....

Some people have "Hatred Tourettes" The cure...a pill called critical thinking. The side effect...compassion.

Forget gold! I just found some cheap political points in my basement! People will do ANYTHING for these. Hellooo Antiques Roadshow!

I can't wait until this election is over. Carrying this umbrella during this shit storm is getting tiring.

Apparently judging by the 400 commercials per hour...there is an airline named Southwest that I need to be made aware of.

Breaking News! Joe the plumber caught trying to climb down Chilean mine shaft to get his 16th minute of fame. Film @ 6 & 11!

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