Saturday, January 8, 2011

When did "No, thank you" become "Nothankyou"?

I was just laughed out of MY living room by my nephews for calling "Tosh.O" "Tosho". What's FUNNIER is how easy Xmas gift checks are to stop.

I can't give Rex Ryan a hard time over those foot fetish videos...especially if what I do to women's butt cheeks ever gets out...

********Time to be serious*********

(Dem Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 6 others shot at political rally)

It takes evil and cowardice to shoot Congresswoman Giffords and staff...and even more of it to stoke the flames DAILY on TV and Radio etc.

Disgusting evil rhetoric and mindless followers leads to disgusting evil acts. Shame. Those responsible, you know who you are.

Blind hatred and violence are animals that DO NOT remain on a leash for long. Soon, they bite anyone around. That's why I keep my distance.

We will find out who the truly sick are among the talking heads, radio hosts and bloggers now. Watch and listen...

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