Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guess why those new Dunkin' Donuts sandwiches are only 300 calories. They're the size of a thimble!!! Did you forget that you're in America?

Every time the Beiber kid is in a picture with someone, millions of teens threaten them. We must get a picture with him and Bin Laden.

It's really a shame to watch the world's supply of critical thinkers shrink. I think that they are what America needs to manufacture most.

Maury is showcasing one of the Real Housewives singing on his show. He's going to lose his credibi..... nevermind...

I wanted to sleep with Janet way more than Chrissy. #watchingthreescompany

Apathy...grist for the extremists' mill.

I'm pledging food to a food CREDIT UNION. I don't trust food BANKS. No, YOU'RE corny!!!

Sweaty fat people yelling at those trying to help them. An episode of The Biggest Loser or ANY Thanksgiving in America? You make the call!

Why would I want to drink something called "Bladder Buster"? I'll have a regular soda with my "Colon Inflamer (Cheeseburger)"

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