Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The next relative that asks for help shoveling is going to make me set their car on fire and push it into their house. That'll do it!

I've finished a Mandala of pencil shavings and abandoned soap remnants. Jealous?

Shoveling done. Wishing that I had gotten someone pregnant in my teens so I'd have kids to do it instead of me beginning...

I am so glad that everyone in the media is dealing with the recent tragic events with class and dignity… *sigh*

You get 50 orgasms for every one I have...I believe that entitles ME to watch some sports WITHOUT a continuous "Sports suck!" chant. Thanks.

From a moving Presidential Memorial Speech back to two ladies carrying an empty soda can with their mouths on "Minute to Win It". *sigh*

This part of town must be in Atlas' armpit. Shrug mofo! Shrug! It stinks here!

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