Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady on "Maury", if you have 5 guys on stage who MAY be the father, you DON'T get to triumphantly scream "I told you!" to the eventual dad.

I caught my aspirin "getting it on". And that answers the question...

Pay ME minimum wage and you're getting minimum labor...and an ass kicking.

Thanks for putting "Pokes" on the first page thus forcing me to return them. Ever heard of plausible deniability Facebook? D-bags!!!

Pluto isn't a planet, the zodiac changed. A powerful entity is screwing with everyone. It is me Ha! Water is now a solid and ass is a liquid.

Blah blah the zodiac has changed. I'm STILL a SCORPIO! Ladies?

Women aren't going to believe that the lint from your dryer is chest hair. Just letting you know for no reason.

Wait...I'm a VIRGO now!?! a buffet for cable news.

Getting upset with the radio bigots and cable haters is like getting mad at birds for crapping on your car. Don't park there. You're welcome.

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