Friday, January 14, 2011

He America, how about this...let's decide to be civil and respectful of each other BEFORE people get killed? Huh? Let's try THAT!

"Back shots" and "Flu shots" are NOT the same thing. You have been warned.

So, it's going to be ANOTHER one of THOSE days again, huh? No thanks.

Radio racists, cable clowns and half term hand artist, you have the right to say what you do and I have the right to say... "You disgust me".

Michael Steele is out at RNC. He can finally go back to his previous job, hipness coach for Carlton from the fresh prince of Bel-Air.

"Enjoy the riddance, for it is good." -S. Anthony 3:16

Funny is watching a teen try to impress his girlfriend by buying her 4 cookies at Dunkin Donuts, then nearly piss himself when it's $10.

There's nothing hotter than a really pissed off gorgeous woman. Just kidding, that sh!t is annoying.

I wish "Reality TV" was on a faster track, so it can run it's course already. It's no fun hating real people. Bring back ACTORS damn it!

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