Saturday, January 29, 2011

The people of Egypt sing Toni Braxton's "He wasn't man enough for me" to Hosni Mubarak. Film at 6 & 11.

See those couples that are so happy in the relationship that they're obnoxious? I want to be in one of those damn it! Or, Prince tickets...

Hosni Mubarak turned down by the Philadelphia Eagles when he inquired about the Defensive Coordinators Job. Reaction @ 6 & 11 #egypt


Oppression + time = protests

Compassion + time = healthy society

Lesson over.


Some couples are so unhappy that they have enough unhappiness left over to share with and leave with YOU. No thank you, keep it moving...


I just read an article about "Forgiving an Ex". I have. But will the guy that she's dating now ever forgive ME for not taking her back? I got out BEFORE she could ruin MY life...but that dope... the clock is ticking. Someone with more money than YOU will come along.

I often wonder if he thinks it was worth it, you know, the seeing her behind my back part. Personally, I'm indebted to is my future wife, whoever she will be. I'll appreciate and enjoy being with a GOOD, FAITHFUL woman infinitely more now. Thanks!


Ove glove®, ScrubGlove®...please, please don't give the Scott® people any ideas. I DO NOT want to see that infomercial.

I was almost hit by other cars 15 times on the ice and snow today... ALMOST. Yeah, and you said driving bumper cars was a waste of time!

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