Friday, January 28, 2011

Unlike Egypt, we're smart enough to just lie via the media, not shut it down and overcharge for water, not cut it off. USA! USA! USA!

Egypt. An illustration of what happens when too much power is given to the wrong people. Also reality tv.

Special Message to the governments of the world...if what you do brings reasonable and intelligent people to the f*cked up!

As the protests in Egypt get more out of hand, Legendary Comedian Steve Martin was beaten because of his 70's hit "King Tut" film @ 11

Breaking News! Congress votes to make inhaling illegal, they want to stop air from "Illegally crossing the borders of our nostrils" Film @ 11

Hosni, Hosni,'re the guy that gets the crap slapped out of him by the hot woman, then says "I didn't want HER anyway!" #mubarak

Can the people that experiment with DNA work on something that makes morons know to drive slowly and not too close on ice? Or alibi me.

MOIST towelettes. You're welcome. Don't ask...

You know that moment when a young relative goes from "adorable" to "pain in the ass teen"? ....aaand....ACTION!

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