Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Pyromaniacs and non violent criminals rejoice!" - Camden NJ tourism board

Apparently Congress thinks "Civility" and "Civil War" are the same thing.

Our society is supposed to constantly advance as we enjoy the fruits of accumulated knowlege, right? There are some things as an adult that we should KNOW and ACT UPON, right? Then why haven't mother******s in trucks and SUV's learned that they are NOT immune from the effects of ice on their tires!?! Please, let's make it legal to pimp slap these people when they drive TOO quickly and TOO close to others.

I'm S. Anthony Thomas...and I approve this message.


Larry King. Regis. Leno?

Lying to oneself is difficult for the unbiased and the sane, so if it's easy for you...

Kitchen sink, thrown. Problem, still here. It's time to detach the tub...

I CAN understand a debate on the mechanisms of Health care reform, but why would people NOT want to cover EVERYBODY?

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