Monday, January 17, 2011

Aw...did Ricky hurt the poor little stars' feelings at the golden globes?

Nevada... Washington DC. *clock ticks* "What are places where prostitution is legal alex!?!" You're INCORRECT, but good political point!

Beautiful? *Ding*. Smart? *Ding*. Wants ME? *Ding*. NOT unreasonably jealous and insane?... *Sad Trombone* *Sigh* Next...

Brett Favre retires. In other news, his junk signs a 3 picture deal and will star in a new reality show, "Smaller than you'd think love"

People DO what they WANT to do, ANY delay means they DON'T want to. Remember that and 60% of your problems go away. You're welcome.

John Boehner will now begin work on his "Brain cell crushing healthcare ending" efforts.

People willingly dive into backward thinking, but get dragged kicking and screaming into progress. Human's FANtastic!!

If you can't handle Ricky'd better keep your punk asses off of twitter #celebs

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