Saturday, January 15, 2011

There's a reason that the police ALWAYS look at the family FIRST when there is a murder. And those reasons are ALWAYS good ones...

If seeing a person's number and name in your caller ID gives you the same feeling you get when you're called back to work off of vacation... it's time to either limit that person's access to you, or get rid of them.

If those were surveyor's symbols on the Palin map, I say round up those damned surveyors NOW... BEFORE it's too late!!!

Aren't greeters at Home Depot told to be cheerful? If they sold rope by the front door, this guy would probably hang himself.

I love the new Activia commercial with it's "non specific about what the product does so they can't get in any more legal trouble" slogans.

Please, someone make it legal to fly wacky local sports guys to Singapore for a caning. Thanks.

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