Friday, January 7, 2011

Re:Responses to my Huck Finn post: Rappers saying the "N" word has NO effect on me. People in power thinking of me as one effects me DAILY.

THANKS to those who disagree with me for being pleasant & respectful. I've learned some things. The other 1%... enjoy self carnal knowledge.

The police should be allowed to taser drivers of trucks that insist on driving 60mph on obviously iced over streets. (If too close to ME)

I want my utility bills repealed and replaced.

Stop with the romantic novels. At least the movies are OUTSIDE the house, I don't need an argument catalyst IN the damned house TOO!

Apparently the viewers of this station are Diabetics who have trouble chopping vegetables, getting life insurance and "Getting Up".

I feel MORE manly in Home Depot than I do in Lowe's. I mean, who makes their customers wear a dress to shop? Huh? It's not a thing?

Celebrity weight loss secret...Have enough money and free time to buy your way out of the problem. It's easy, why don't you do it?

The ref tossing the coin looks too much like Boehner. I hope the players don't get hurt. He might not let them get the Healthcare they need.

The only thing missing from this new congress is a mustache to twirl and a bald cat to caress.

A beautiful woman, a pizza and a good movie...well, ONE out of three ain't bad. It sucks! ;-)

Hey Raymour and Flanigan...I have zero interest right seeing your commercial AGAIN during this show.

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