Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hi press, it's me, S. Anthony Thomas. It's time for a complete news blackout of the Westboro Baptist Church. Thanks.

Facebook IS NOT shutting down on March 15th...but someone had better tell Caesar to watch out for his homie Brutus. Just saying...

Got my rock salt, shovels, food & hot cocoa ready...huh? What snow storm?

Some places will fine you for saving your parking place with an object after digging out of the snow. Okay, park here and I'll put it back!

Passive aggressive people amuse me.

Shout out to the people who clean up Mrs. Palin's you do windows too?

I've been to Vegas. Those Vikings in the commercial would get f*cked up least if they hung out with my OLD crew.

Don't be fooled ladies...the creepy guy with the bad wig asking too many personal questions is NOT filming "Undercover Boss". Run!!!

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