Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling-Hurting OCD

Have you ever met someone with "Feeling-Hurting OCD?" I have. A friend was just doing an early version of a new play, it was a little rough around the edges but still good and we had a nice dinner before the show. Another actor had his new girlfriend with him and it was obvious that our little group didn't meet her socioeconomic standards. After the play we went to get coffee and talk...the other actor and his lady friend decided to leave. Upon leaving the new girlfriend said "I had a great time!"

After she left, we all felt bad mainly because we started to dislike her based on her attitude towards us, but her nice words to our friend made us rethink how we felt. 10 minutes pass and we notice our friend and his new lady approach us. We all are thinking that they had a change of heart and WILL join us. It seemed to everyone that our newfound positive feelings toward her were accurate after all. Then she spoke.

She looked at my friend and said "Uh, when I said I had a great time I meant the the play. Sorry." She then left. She came back just for that. It would have been so easy to let the guy think that a stranger had positive feelings about his show. That would have been too easy I guess. That my friends is "Feeling-Hurting OCD" She was just compelled to come back and say that. I hope, the next time that she is wearing one of her expensive furs, she happens upon a group of angry PETA members exiting Home Depot with enough paint to do a hotel. End of rant. (At least this one)

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