Monday, September 27, 2010

Another uncomfortable situation...

Another uncomfortable situation...what do I mean? I had to explain to someone what MY definition of "Friend" is. I said a friendship, using MY definition, is a relationship that is internally altruistic but looks reciprocal externally. Confusing? I'll explain. It's all about the motivation behind the kind acts between the people in the relationship.

I have friends that will do things for me with no desire to be "payed back". They also know that I have done and will continue to do the same for them. Our individual motivations are altruistic, but because we are in a constant state of doing for each other, on the outside it has the look of reciprocity. I personally believe that this is also the best way to conduct a romantic relationship. The romantic relationship example of this unfortunately is merely a hypothesis. I've done my part in the past, now I look for a lady that will do the same for me...then all will be good.

The reason that I bring this up? I ran into a friend (Editors note: notice the lack of quotes around the word friend) who spoke of the good old days and as I went through my memories...those days weren't so good. I remember being treated horrendously at school, in romantic relationships and just in fucking general. Upon reflection, I had very few "friends" (Editors note: notice the appearance of quotes around the word friend). After that encounter I realized that the reason that I had few friends was my lack of one very important one...ME. I mean, I should at least be my own best friend. I had certainly felt up and had sex with myself enough times... BACK THEN. (Editors note: Shut up!)

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