Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You're shoplifting...from the dollar store? Really dude? Look out the window, the homeless guy begging for change is laughing at you...

Drug companies, that pill that reduces periods to 3 times yearly...you'd sell more if you got rid of the "May cause blood clots" part. Dig?

Guys…gals…you do realize that the “Battle of the Sexes” is a falsehood designed to make us fight so that we buy things, right? Lets teach the marketing assholes a lesson, stop fighting and do a whole lot of good old fashioned f*cking! It’s free! It feels good! And it stops their bullcrap manipulation.

Nothing says commitment like kissing your woman in bed before she brushes her teeth. I did mention that I meant on the butt cheeks, right?

To those of you that ask for a person's opinion then interrupt them without listening...there is a reason that you have few friends...

To relatives who live recklessly because I always clean up your mess, I'm about to let your metaphorical "hand touch the stove" Dig?

Uh...to people who still fall for three card monte...how can I put this...are you familiar with the concept of eugenics?

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