Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey, what's this in the back of my closet? Oh, a Native American, a record store, real breasts and a non bullshit cable news anchor. Cool!

I wonder what the "Crazy" uncles in the Limbaugh and Beck families say...

Damn it! I just thought of a part of the body that I didn't lick on my old girlfriends! Gotta make some calls. Trust me they'll answer...

Schadenfreude is too clinical...but "Yeah, that's what you get you dirty mothaf*cker" is a little too long...I must think of alternatives.

C'mon Southwest, I'm all for low fares...but this B.Y.O.G. (bring your own gas) promotion IS NOT a good idea!

Message to street corner drug dealers, WHEN drugs are legal, they WILL be sold at WalMart and you WILL HAVE to get a real job. HAHAHAHA!

I'm heading over to the Smithsonian to look at the happy family and the functional relationship.

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