Thursday, August 5, 2010

C'mon Google! Now we have to pay to *pays 25¢* have fast internet *pays 25¢* service? That bull*pays 25¢*sh*t! You too twit*pays 25¢ter!?!

They voted against gang rape victims, 9/11 healthcare, unemployment benefits etc. I think they're hoping for outrage fatigue.

I'm glad gays can get married. I want to marry Rachel Maddow! I've got a straight guy-gay woman crush on her. Super smart women are hot!

Prop 8.2 : Make it illegal for people to be married to their job. Maybe not, most of our jobs are screwing us so maybe we should get a ring.

I can tell by the conversation of the 20somethings next to me that their relationship is just the beginning of a string of bad choices.

Fruit on the bottom yogurt = Vomit with fruit underneath it. It must be outlawed.

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