Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Road rage doesn't necessarily have to be caused by actions OUTSIDE the car...if you want proof, drive my family around.

Well, I'm off to the store...let's hope, like yesterday, that I'm the only one NOT paying with a check.

Damn you Google! Now hookers with big breasts are charging more! Pimps have started a tiered service too. Said a friend, who is not me...

The only ones happy about my stalker being gone are the squirrels. Now THEY eat the food that I leave on the ladder by my bedroom window.

Rand Paul & Ben Quayle...proof that the strongest sperm cell DOES NOT mean the strongest mind.'s time for me to get some Chinese food, then work off only one third of the calories. No...YOU are missing the point of a workout!

So, you woke up alone in a room locked from the inside with saliva on your genitals and a sore neck and back? Those weren't aspirin that you took bro.

Hypocrisy and Zero tolerance have been married for a while...have you met their children? They live and work in Washington DC...

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