Friday, August 6, 2010

When will fans of the radio racist, the half term hand artist and Joe McCarthy 2.0 realize that they're being punk'd?

Anyone that times an obnoxiously loud and aggressive horn blast to the green light, should be flown to Singapore and caned on TV. Yup.

Why do hospitals always surround themselves with "No stopping at any time" signs? Should I just throw the sick person out at 40mph!?!

I wouldn't mind if people converted 25% of smoking sections into teens and 20somethings telling their baby's daddy "He ain't shit" sections.

Put mirrors in voting booths. I wonder if some of the people in office would be there if people had to look at themselves in it.

Don't let relatives sleep in your living room for more that a week unless you want a living room that smells like ass. You're welcome.

Don't think net neutrality is important? Imagine being in line behind an old person paying with a check...while I'm in the express line...

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