Saturday, August 28, 2010

People of color. Notice, the word "people" comes first and "color" comes last. When people understand that, THEN honor will be restored.

Was that an earthquake or was it everyone that attended the original MLK speech (that has since died) spinning in their graves today?

Stalking is such an ugly word. An even uglier one? Chloroform. I'll untie you after I finish emailing these pictures to myself...

Forget the push button start, how about having the engine start as soon as my ass hits the seat! Duh! I'm not reading, it's not the bathroom!

I'm now celebrating 10 years of "Friend Zone" avoidance. When offered free tickets to that show...I'm busy.

I'm considering switching to a vegetarian diet next year. Don't worry, ladies, your erogenous zones are considered fruit. (Melons etc.)

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