Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful, that the vision of her automatically causes you to develop 20 new fetishes?

You know that nerd that you humiliated in high school & college? He's a billionaire now. Nice call meagan. Husband still nailing your sis?

Gatorade...now! Milking machines...just don't guys. Just don't. They ARE NOT like vacuum machines...tell your sons...blacking out...

It's all just a game. You knew that, right? King me...

When giving change, lingering over the tip jar IS NOT a good idea. Tips are earned. I will not subsidize sloppy service unless we're dating.

Driving people in my family around makes me think that chauffeurs don't make enough mon....grandma! Put your top on & close the sunroof! 

There is so much info on social networking sites that stalkers are using their amazing skill of evasion to avoid getting TMI....

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