Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm currently thinking of horrible things to wish on my worst enemy, so when I get one I'll be ready...and I WILL BE READY *evil laugh*

This lady asked me if I'd like a lap dance. I said "Lady, are you nuts!?! Why ELSE would I be sitting here bottomless holding money!?!"

You can't beat their prices, but you can beat your kids in the parking lot...

I used to be annoyed with the super hyper weathermen until I saw the ones with NO I say guys, keep douche bagging it up!

Before you jump on a bandwagon, make sure the band doesn't suck...enjoy your trip to DC...HOME OF THE SCARY BLACK PEOPLE. Dumb-asses.

I'm wondering when the CDC will announce a vaccine for oblivious moron syndrome...

Do drama queens have any idea just how soul and energy draining they are? I'm somewhere between saying STFU & driving off of a cliff...

Hi outcasts, My name is S. Anthony. I was wondering if I could join you? Entrance exam? WTF!?! My how things have changed.

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