Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are all of these congresspeople doing in the hallway to MY bathroom? It's a pay toilet now? Hey! A courtesy flush is NOT wasteful!

Hmm, I see a pattern...smart people get information from MANY sources, THEN form THEIR OWN opinions...cable news viewers, take note of that.

DADT shouldn't apply to the military. It should however, apply to marital booty eating. Keep that to yourself grandpa.

Thanks politicians for doing things on a daily basis to make it more socially acceptable to use your job title as a pejorative remark.

I'm currently working on a subtle facial expression that is the equivalent of telling you to go f*ck yourself...but not get punched out.

Stopped at a corner Chinese food store in my old hood. Two guys were teasing each other about who's gun was newest...and I'm having Italian.

I'm hoping that soon, there will be no stigma attached to young people wearing adult diapers. NEVER MIND WHY!!! JUST GO ALONG DAMN IT!!

Guys do not refer to your genitals as the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution center or hers as the end user. Sooo NOT hot.

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